Teatro dei Gordi – 2018


By and with

Cecilia Campani, Giovanni Longhin, Andrea Panigatti, Sandro Pivotti, Maria Vittoria Scarlatteri, Matteo Vitanza

Concept and direction

Riccardo Pippa


Giulia Tollis

Masks and costumes

Ilaria Ariemme

Stage design

Anna Maddalena Cingi

Light design

Paolo Casati

Sound design

Luca De Marinis

Assistant director

Daniele Cavone Felicioni


Camilla Galloni
Monica Giacchetto

Co-production with Teatro Franco Parenti

With the support of MiBACT and SIAE, as a part of the initiative “Sillumina – Copia privata per i giovani, per la cultura”, and of Sementerie Artistiche.


We would like to tell a simple, common story to grasp, if possible, the mythical background of a close-to-us everyday life. We were inspired, for a big part of our work, by Philemon’s Metamorphosis and Ovid’s Baucis. This myth resounds in us: conviviality as a modus vivendi; the need to have an intimate place or to sometimes have to leave it; becoming custodians of something or someone; metamorphosis as a sign of time, a look at the world, a vital necessity and scenic dynamics.

Through a bedroom the seasons of life pass: visits from friends, memories, dreams and visiting as the last, possible act of resistance. We imagine ourselves in ten, fifty, sixty years, as a child who is afraid of the sting and plays the part of the doctor, as someone who would like to be wise without having to wait for white hair; like someone who, after all, never feels ready to grow old, to die or to be alive. We are interested in looking there, in fear of the passing of time and to do so we continue our journey in the body and in the masks, to tell about communicating universes, in search of fantastic truths and credible lies.


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